• Shark Free Chips Response to Shark Panel Review12/2020

    Shark Free Chips responds to the panel's plan of action for the ongoing conservation and management of shark species.

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  • Recommendation from The Shark Review Panel12/2020

    The Shark Expert Panel as appointed by the Honourable Minister, Ms Barbara Creecy has published its action plan for the conservation and management of sharks.

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  • Shark Free Chips Insight from Parliamentary Questions11/2020

    The Shark Free Chips team responds to the recent Parliamentary questions with our own queries and points.

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  • Questions to Parliament11/2020

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  • Shark Free Chips responds08/2020

    The team publishes a detailed response to the recent “Would ending shark meat consumption in Australia contribute to the conservation of white sharks in South Africa?" publication.

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  • Australia investigates the effects of its shark importation07/2020

    A scientific article has been commissioned - "Would ending shark meat consumption in Australia contribute to the conservation of white sharks in South Africa?"

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  • Commercial fishing continues on critically endangered species07/2020

    ICUN officially declares Soupfin Shark (aka School shark) as Critically Endangered, yet South Africa and Australia commercial fishing for this species continues, all for Fish ‘n Chips (Flake)

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  • Information for the attention of the expert NPOA-Sharks review panel06/2020

    Shark Free Chips has collated several key details and stats into a single information document, which we hope the recently appointed expert panel will factor into their review.

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  • Open Letter To The Panel06/2020

    Shark Free Chips would like to say a massive thank you to all those who voiced their concern and dissatisfaction over the current shark situation in South Africa. Your voice is already starting to make a difference, well done and thank you! Here follows an Open Letter to the Panel of Experts from Shark Free Chips, Save Our Sharks, and Supporters:

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  • The Government Responds05/2020

    Due to public and media pressure, Minister Creecy appoints an Expert Panel on Sharks to review the management and conservation of the species by South Africa.

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  • Petition gains more support05/2020

    Save Our Shark Petition receives 25,000 signatures opposing the DSL fishery

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  • Court case postponed due to Covid 19.04/2020

    The court case against the White Rose is postponed until July 2020 due to Covid19 Lockdown. Since the vessel was caught, it has been allowed to continue fishing.

  • Shark Free Chips launches04/2020

    Shark Free Chips launches and immediately the public responds.

  • DSL Fishing vessel caught operating illegally05/2019

    DSL fishing vessel, The White Rose, is caught poaching in a Marine Protected area by members of the public

  • Smooth hound shark advice ignored.09/2019

    TAC for Smooth hound shark formally recommended at 75tons per annum across all fisheries. If implemented in 2017, the start of the population recovery would only start to take place by 2024. Not yet implemented.

  • Soupfin shark advice ignored.09/2019

    TAC for Soupfin shark formally recommended at 100tons per annum across all fisheries. A full population recovery would only be seen by 2070 is zero fishing took place from 2017. Not yet implemented.

  • Deff signs off, no action taken.02/2018

    The Slot limit recommendations are signed off by DEFF, the delegated authority and by The Minister for gazetting. Not yet implemented.

  • Formal recommendation ignored06/2015

    Scientists at DEFF formally recommend to the LFSWG that a slot limit for Smooth hound and Soupfin of 70 to 130cm to be implemented. X Management takes no Action.

  • Proposal ignored01/2011

    Scientists at DEFF propose to the LFSWG slot limits of 70 to 130cm for demersal sharks (both smooth hound and soupfin sharks). X Management take no Action.